Floral Artistry & Accessories

Shirley-Ann offers a large range of unique silk designs that create the wow factor.

Floral artistry
As an established designer, she has only the best designers to help you plan the arrangements that suit you. We provide these services for your residence to large events such as weddings and all types of social events.

Home furnishing
Why not let the luxurious and colorful style lift your home………we have a fine selection of furnishing for your bedroom, bathroom or living room – lampshades, baskets, shower curtains and much more.

Fashion accessories
There is an exclusive range of delicate silk floral handbags in a range of colors and styles that look exquisite

We provide all types of social and business stationary

Dinning accessories for rental
We can provide you with: table linens, dinner plates, salad plates, bread and butter, tea cups and saucers, flatware, silverware, vases, candle holder, napkins and much more